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NBN FTTN new connection issue

Level 2

Hi, our nbn username is netuXXXXX we recently upgrade from ADSL2+ to NBN 100 super speed mega plan thing.

I connected the modem as advised, connected my home tv and laptop via 5g wireless option. It seems I cant stream video (ROKU) and download at the same time? As soon as I start downloads the streaming on medium quality starts buffering.


I thought being on the highest plan this would not be the case? I am getting only 38 Mbps down / 25 Mbs up. I understand that distance from the node might affect it but I did not think it would be that bloody bad? Can't download and stream at the same time, that sucks!


Note, I didnt have to setup the modem, that might be one of the culrpits, just plugged it in, entered the wireless key and off I went.

Level 2

I connected the laptop to the modem with a wired connection and got  about 39 down and the same 25ish up.


Hi @netusr001


Welcome to the Community! 


We are sorry to learn that you are experiencing difficulty with the connection. 


We have performed tests and we can say that your connection is working normally. Based on our results, your modem is able to detect as high as 90Mbps from the line itself and is also stable. It appears that the trouble is getting these results to show up on your devices.

We're looking at a possible WIFI-related or bandwidth sharing issue. If the test result you are getting was from a device connected via WIFI, we suggest that you test your connection by connecting a computer directly to the modem. If the speedtest results via wired connection are normal, we suggest checking the links below to improve your WIFI connection speed. 


Community Articles:


Nevertheless, our Technical team is available to help should the issue still persists after following the articles above.