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NBN Installation NO SHOW + ADSL Down

Level 3

Yes i have been contacted about the cancellation, thanks for that.


I am just waiting now for someone to contact me about the refund. The lady said that i should expect a phone call yesterday around the same time however i did not receive one. 


Hi @mchoeng,


Thanks for raising this with us. We'll chase this with our Accounts team and have someone to contact you to discuss the refund process.


We'll keep a close eye on your case and provide updates once available.


Kind regards,



Hi @mchoeng,


I understand that our Accounts team has been in touch and was advised that the refund will be requested and updates will be given within 24 to 48 hours.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.




Level 3

Any updates on this refund yet? It's been 48 hours and i haven't been contacted


Hi @mchoeng


I've checked on the account and it seems that one of our Account Specialists tried to get in touch with you earlier today to provide you an update but was unsuccessful. 


I've sent you now a Private Message to provide you detailed information for this case. 



Level 2

My next door neighbourhood is experiencing same problem as you.

She had an installation appointment today, but no show.

TPG customer service keep saying until new schedule arranged.

She spent a waste time of whole day!!

When I look at the posts on this community of TPG, it seems common problems amongst new TPG NBN customers.

TPG must make sure it is not happening to many of their customers instead of blaming to NBN corp.

Otherwise, TPG would lose new customers because of the bad reputation with frequent NO-SHOW NBN INSTALLATION.


My installation date is tomorrow. I hope it is not going to be happened to me.



Hi @sunhyung1234,


Welcome to the community!


Delayed or rescheduled NBN installation sometimes caused by high demand for NBN connections they have encountered a technician resourcing issue and are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand.


If we can advise your neighbour to contact us, we'll be more than happy to check what happened on the installation.


On the other hand, we're able to locate your account using your community details and your NBN installation is scheduled today.


Installation date: 05-02-2019
Installation time frame: Between 08:00 and 12:00


Let us know should you require further assistance.



Level 1c

DONT JOIN will regret it.....I have nbn and paying for 50mbps which they haven’t provided......they will never call you back when they say they will.....they are the worst company I’m going to the ombudsman about them, and will take to court if I have too.....cancel your service and find another provider......tell everyone you know never join tpg.....


Hi @Leesa_S,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and have had a look at the history of your calls.


We understand that some of the requested callback time was not meant which possibly caused by a high volume of calls our Tech team are receiving, unexpected calls that were prolonged, etc.


Based on the notes, the speed of the internet was rectified after the modem was reset and reconfigured with the help of our Tech team. However, the concern as of the moment was your Contact Space application that's not working properly.


We understand that you were able to speak with one of our Supervisor and was advised to contact the support of the third party application to check if there's a speed requirement or settings that needs to be configured on your modem. If they've provided you any information to make the application work, please advise us and will check it further.


Kind regards,


Level 2

Re-Cancellation of NBN Service.
I called, and chatted on the 23rd of January to TPG, and was most impressed, and decided to UPGRADE to TPG NBN.
I had numerous phone calls, and SMS text messages re-progress of my application, and that NBN will be installed at my place on the 11/02/2019 between 8am-12pm.
I even changed my roster, to start work in the afternoon for this instillation.
However, NO communication on the day of the install, or even a courtesy phone call, from NBM or TPG about what happened. I had to call, and remind, and finally I found out it was an issue on NBN’s side …..
Now, I speak to not 1 person, but 3 so far, to inform them that I will be on holiday in March, and yet, I get a SMS text saying the next NBN install is set on the 4/3/19.
In disgust, I have cancelled the application, and finally, “Kristin -Case Manager” understood what I was getting at, and has sent this email.
However, this letter seems (from my perspective) that I cancelled without cause, but it does not take into consideration why I cancelled, and the shodden service I’m getting, and NOT being listened to.
I wondered if you got ALL resolved .... CURIOUS