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NBN Installation NO SHOW + ADSL Down


Hi @Munjmal


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Using your community details, I was able to pull up your account and have gone through the history of your cancelled NBN order. I'm sorry to hear that you had to cancel your NBN order/installation with us, but we're glad that you opted to stay with your TPG ADSL service.


I can confirm that your initial NBN tech appointment was on February 11 but due to NBNCo technician capacity constraints, the appointment was missed and had to be rescheduled at a later date. At the time, the earliest NBN tech appointment schedule  is March 4.


The cancellation email that you received from us was system-generated once an order has been cancelled, which explains the lack of specific details as to what prompted your request to cancel the order.


We hope that once you get back from your holiday vacation, that you'll reconsider signing up for NBN with us again.



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Hi @Munjmal


It seems like your last comment is empty. Do you have other concerns/questions that you'd like to raise?



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After reading all these feeds, I hope mine will turn up! It’s quarter past 11 now and my appt is from 8 to 12! Fingers crossed! May I ask why if we missed the schedule we get a fine whereas they missed an appt all you guys said is “Sorry”? Shouldn’t u guys compensate us with monetary compensation? Like 6 months free subscription?

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Hate to say this but isn’t that’s what appt all abt? Given a time slot to us and install our premises? We made the time to stay home regardless if a staying home Mum or working class ppl? I believed time is precious to everyone and not the technician alone? It cost us money too for waiting 4 hours at home and no one turn up. I know we have signed the CSG and guess this is our only way to vent our unhappiness! 


We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you, @arien73.


We have located the account using your community details and we can see that the installation is still in progress.


As per checking, the technician is currently on-site and you will receive further updates via email regarding the activation of your NBN service.


Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.


Hi @arien73, we can see that the appointment has been completed and the service has been installed.


Check out this community article which can help you with the set up;


NBN HFC Setup - General Setup


Let us know if we can be of any assistance. Cheers!

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Sorry to jump in on this thread, but we had an install due today between 1pm and 5pm.  The installer rang at about 1:05 to enquire whether we had an existing phone line setup (we don't).  I rang him back to let him know we have a DSL sync light and 50V across the pair ... so good signs we're still connected either to the DSL or telephone exchange.


6:10pm and he's a no show.  Next steps?


Hi @reesaroo74,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We apologise for the inconvenience this installation issue is causing you and we'd like to help get to the bottom of this.


We have located the account using your community details and we can see that you have been in touch with one of our technical specialists today.


We haven't received an update from NBN Co. yet regarding the status of the technician visit, but this issue has been escalated to our Provisioning Team.


We have already made a follow up and we'll closely monitor this to ensure that an update will be provided tomorrow.


Let us know should you have a preferred contact number and time. Thank you.


Hi @reesaroo74, we can see that our Provisioning Team has been in touch and discussed the concerns you have raised.


The team is closely monitoring this and the case manager will contact you again as soon as a new update is received from NBN Co.


Should you need any assistance, please let us know. Thank you.