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NBN Installation signficantly delayed

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We've waited very patiently for our initially NBN installation (application was made on the 1st of February including payment) and we were told we had to wait until the 25th for a technician. This in itself seemed ridiculous, but we just decided to put up without internet for a few weeks.


Today (20th February, just before installation is due) I've just received a text message saying "Change to NBN install date, now set to 19th March". 


This is absolutely ludicrous and I refuse to be without internet for that long. Who do I speak with to cancel my agreement and get a refund?


Hi @paulqld


Welcome to the Community! 


We regret to learn that you wish to discontinue the service and we apologise for the poor experience. Upon checking, the reason why the date has been moved was due to workforce capacity constraints as advised by NBN Co. 


The initial date provided is the earliest date available provided to us by our wholesale partner NBN Co. We can have a look to see if we can schedule you in with an earlier time however, we cannot guarantee this as we work with our suppliers to provide this particular service, which means we are reliant on their scheduling.


Nonetheless, I'll have one from our Accounts Team to contact you tomorrow and assist you regarding your request. 


Please let us know of your best contact number and your most convenient time to receive a call via private message so we can organise a contact to be made.



We'll wait for your response. 



Thank you. 


Hi @paulqld,


We understand that you were able to speak with our accounts team and have rescheduled the installation of your NBN service.


Our Service delivery team will be monitoring the account and will provide you updates via SMS/Email or call once available.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,