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NBN Installer reports fibre is faulty?

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Good Morning,


I have taken time off work at my expense to attend my TPG NBN installation and the NBN technician has told me that the NBN fibre is faulty and he cannot complete the connection. He claims that someone from NBN has to check the fibre and correct the fault. He has not specified the nature of the fault.


Can someone please contact me to escalate the issue with NBN and have this matter rectified by an NBN tech TODAY Friday 25/09/20 at the LATEST. 


I have used up my one day off of work allowed by my employer and cannot take further time off to wait on a solution. I have already lost a day's pay on a failed installation.


Please contact me as soon as possible on the mobile number associated with my TPG account.




Hi @ScottW


Welcome to the Community!


Based on the report from the NBN technician, there's Low / No light readings at SSS/GCC cable to provide fibre connection fault has been discovered during installation of this service, which is affecting delivery of this order.

This is currently being reviewed by NBN Co's case management team. Further updates and next steps to resolve will be provided within 2 business days.
It is unlikely that this issue will be resolved within 3 days.


We understand that you've been in touch with our service delivery team and further updates will be given by your case manager as soon as it becomes available.


You may use your ADSL service, while waiting for the NBN to be installed.