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NBN NTD missing in new property

Level 1
I am concerned after reading some of the horror stories on here that I will not be able to use internet in my new property for months.
The previous tenant in my new rental property claims to have never received an NTD box and has not used NBN. When I spoke to NBN they confirmed that the property does have NBN and the previous tenant had been using it.
Now I am without the NTD and no internet... how can I guarantee that TPG will ensure that NBN acts quickly to rectify this issue? I cannot afford to not have internet for long.
Community Manager

Hi @User1,

Welcome to the Community!

I have escalated this to our provisioning team to organise an appointment with NBN to come and Install an NTD into your premise.

You will be getting a call today from your case manager handling your case with the appointment details.

If you have any further questions feel free to reply or ask your case manager when they call.



Community Manager

Hi @User1,

I understand that the case manager contacted you and organised to come out and install a new NBN box.

If you need help setup up you NBN connection after install Click here for setup steps.

Feel free to drop us a line if you need further help