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NBN Speed is a joke with TPG

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I was connected to the NBN in August 2017 via HFC cable and to date the speed has been woeful to the say the least.  Prior to NBN I had an ADSL download speed of 12mbps but since NBN arrived the best I get at any time of the day or night is < 5mbps download speed.

I have spoken to the TPG tech group without success.  Their advice was that that to achieve the advertised speed of 25mbps for which I am paying $79.99 per month I need to have my NBN connected via eathernet cable.  I wrote to NBN complaining of same and they promptly told me to contact TPG as they as the service provider must lodge an "incident report" before anything can progress.

I forwarded NBN's advice to TPG in October/November before leaving for an overseas holiday for 8 weeks with the expectation that something (positive) may have been done upon my return.

Sadly this is not the case and I have again written to TPG with screen shots of my test data.....I have yet to receive any reply.  Have they raised the required Incident Report??....who knows they do not seem to want to advise customers of their actions or lack thereof.

I have been a strong supporter of TPG for the 8 - 10 years but I have reached the end of my patience ..... customer service has declined severely in the past year or so and I will be writing to the Ombudsman as soon as I finish this advice to request that TPG be contacted to resolve my issue.

I am disgusted that they continue to charge $79.99 per month for a service that is VASTLY inferior to my previous ADSL service for which I paid $49.99.  The very least I would expect them to offer is compensate me by continuing my $49.99 charge until they are able to achieve your advertised speed of 25mbps.



On a second matter I raised a question about a $60.00 charge on my account in Sept/Oct but have yet to be provided with any response.  I disputed the charge with my credit card provider who provided a refund but then this was reversed as I suspect TPG was able to prove what the charge was for but has yet not had the manners to advise me of such.




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I reviewed the account and seen that there were responses from our Tech team to your emails. Since you were out of the country, further test was not done since we need someone to be on the premises to test the wired connection for us to eliminate the possible Wi-Fi interference issue.

I'll arrange a call from our Tech team to continue the test and investigation with your issue.



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