NBN activation delay

Level 2
Why NBN box is not available in Brisbane? I got an appointment on March 15 for the connection activation. What is going on? Seems like nobody will get new NBN connection in Australia for few months. Doesn’t make any sense.

Hi @gibinchacko

The NBN Co placed your order into a held status because of equipment shortage. The pandemic has affected the global production of the chipsets used in the production of the NBN Co network termination devices which heavily affected the delivery of NBN HFC service. This problem is not limited to TPG alone, it affects all Internet Service Providers who resell NBN services. More information can be found here: Delays in connecting some premises to the nbn™ HFC network

TPG is doing all efforts to install NBN services in the soonest time possible however, given the current situation with the NBN equipment shortage, our hands our tied and has limited control over such circumstance.


Your appointment remains the same and no further changes made. 


For Installation Status, you may refer to this link: Installation Tracker



Feel free to let us know should you require any assistance.