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NBN connected but TPG cant activate account

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Our Business switched to NBN over a week ago. NBN co connected the line.

I plugged the modem in and the WAN light comes on with DLS synchronisation – no internet.

Went through the troubleshooting with TPG on the phone.

TPG confirmed that the login details are correct and the line is working – but TPG is not accepting the account. We have lodged and intervention request with out technical team, please wait 24 hours...


Have called TPG 6 times now, on 6 different days, over 2 weeks + emailed several times to several different addresses.


Almost 2 weeks later and still not working And just spent another hour on the phone going through the same troubleshooting steps.
- does your modem have WAN light – yes
- does the modem have Internet light – no
- Can you reset the modem – ok
- We can see the DSL synchronisation – I know
- But your account is not connecting – I know
- let us reset the connection remotely – Ok
- Is there any internet now – no
- I need to speak to our technical team, please hold......
- We have lodged and intervention request with out technical team, please wait 24 hours





Hi @jmsbar,


We'd like to look into it to understand the situation. As of the moment I was able to pull up your personal TPG account and I can see that the internet connection is stable. Please Pivate Message us your TPG username or CID number of your business for us to check the updates. Cheers!


Thank you @jmsbar,

I received your message and was able to check your account. I've seen that there was an intervention issue with the account which is being handled by our service delivery team.

I'm aware that there was a contact made earlier and a call was rescheduled on Monday for more update on the case. I'll chase this up to them to make sure that an update will be given. Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

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It's now Monday, 

I have had no update from TPG - I have no internet.


Now 14 days.


Hi @jmsbar,


I've seen that you were able to speak with your case manager and a follow up was requested yesterday. I'll make another follow up and have your case manager call you for updates.



Level 1b

And the case manager didn't do anything.


Today is the deadline to fix the problem (day 15). That's now 10 interactions with TPG each telling us that "an intervention request has been lodged with out technical team, please wait 24 hours"


Will be making a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman if this is not resolved Today.



We do understand @jmsbar.


I've forwarded this with your case manager and requested for an urgent update on this issue.


Hi @jmsbar,


We do have a good news.


The issue on the account has been resolved and your NBN should start working with your correct account details. We are aware that your case manager has been in touch to provide the information as well.


Should you need further assistance, please let us know.



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What was the resolution in the end @BasilDV?

I have the exact same issue as @jmsbar and do not wish to be inconvenienced as they were.

Level 1b

Once we threatened to lodge a complaint with the Telecommunications Ombudsman the problem was fixed within hours.