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NBN installation (HFC) for MDU frustration

Level 1b
I live in a small unit block of 12 units (on nbn website they call this MDU - multi dwelling unit). The technology used for my building is HFC. According to nbn website MDU buildings generally require more extensive intern cabling. So far TPG has arranged 2 technicians for my nbn installation since May, but each time the technician said they couldn’t get the installation done because some cable ducting work had to be done before they could install the boxes. I’ve tried to explain this to TPG service people but they didn’t seem to understand the problem. Since the second failure of installation I haven’t heard from them. NBN is hopeless as well. When the second technician told me he couldn’t install the boxes for me I was so disappointed and I said you were already the second technician sent to me. He said he went to one customer’s place and the customer told him he was already the seventh technician! Why nbn keeps sending installation technicians instead of fixing the problem first! Does someone live in a unit? How can the cable ducting work be done? Is it nbn’s responsibility or the strata’s? Thank you.

Hi @pingli315


Welcome to the Community! 


We are sorry to learn that you are experiencing difficulty with the service. While we successfully install thousands of services each week on the scheduled appointment, we would like to sincerely apologise that this was not your experience. We understand your frustrations regarding the multiple appointments particularly when you have organised to be at home.


We do acknowledge the complexity of certain installations which can lead to unforeseen delays for which all providers are reliant upon NBN Co. Neverthless, I can see that a Case Manager is already assigned to monitor the progress of the installation. The installation is held due to the type of work that needs to be done. 


Their team is closed during the weekends however I'll ensure to chase this tomorrow to check for further updates. 


Should you have further queries, please don't hesitate to let us know.






Hi @pingli315


I understand that you have been contacted by your assigned Case Manager and have been advised that a possible aerial connection needs to be done in order for your service to be connected.


An email has also been sent with all the information needed with your installation. Should you have further queries, you may reply directly to the said email. 





Level 1c

I live in a neutral bay MDU, and I have a very similar case, complexity of the installation, but always comes someone who can't solve it, I already cancelled the service because tpg and nbn said they had nbn available and in fact there was nothing available, now months later waiting for nbn to install tpg and nbn again sent flyers saying it was done, and no one installed it and they didn't run the cables to the units, and still claim they can't install ADSL2 internet, Pingli315 how was your case? We have a problem in common.


Hi @agostinho1,


Welcome to TPG Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and understand that the case is being handled by our NBN provisioning team.


We'll chase this with them and have your case manager call you today to provide further updates with your order.


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.





Hi @agostinho1


Our NBN provisioning team has responded to your Email in regards to your NBN order.


We have been advised by NBN that your order has been placed on hold due to the following reason:

External Network Shortfall

NBN Network

What is it?

Additional work within the NBN network is required to complete your installation. This work can sometimes be complex and requires technician with specific skill set or equipment working across multiple days.

The most common reasons for this shortfall is the Lead-In Conduit (LIC) which is the underground path where the fibre runs along is damaged, blocked or doesn’t exist.

This additional work is required by NBN and would apply for all Internet Service Providers. There is no cost to you as NBN will be completing the work.

NBN Lead-In Cables

What’s happening now?

TPG is communicating with NBN to ensure the work required to complete your TPG order is progressing. We will allocate a TPG Case Manager who will be in contact with you soon to keep you updated every step of the way.

Alternatively you can also check the progress of your order at

What’s next?

Depending on the complexity of the work required, it may take a few weeks for NBN to schedule and complete the work.

Your TPG Case Manager will inform you of the estimated time of completion.

NBN may contact you directly if they need your assistance in resolving the issue in your premises.

Once all the required work is completed, we will contact you to schedule an appointment with NBN to activate your service.

You may respond to the Email or contact them directly on 300 023 575.




Level 1c

1. The installation tracking system is always out of date.


2. I already know the problem, because it happened months ago and they said the same thing that you're telling me now that you need additional service, they said they were going to do this service months ago, TPG and NBN didn't do anything in the meantime. and now they don't even know what's going on because we recently got in touch with them, that is, nothing was done and what's worse, TPG sent me flyers saying the internet was already available and NBN reporting on the site that it already had Internet available for my place and I can prove it because I have the documents from TPG and NBN, I believing both, I hired the service normally AGAIN, nbn informed me that this work can take from 6 to 12 months.


3. NBN informed me that to install ADSL internet I need to talk to you, and now I want to know, will you keep me waiting for more than 6 months without internet? Why is it so hard to install ADSL if you already have cabling here? The other MDUs in my building have ADSL, I don't understand why they don't want to install here until they get to NBN.


Hi agostinho1, 


We're very sorry to hear your experience, certainly not the type that we want for our customers.


We definitely understand that the wait time has been less than ideal, however, we are dependent on our wholesale provider which is NBN to connect your service, therefore we are subjected to their connection time frames.


We share your frustration here and so hope to see this resolved. We've received an update from NBN Co regarding the cabling concern, and we would like to discuss the latest details with you. I'll have the Case Manager to contact you tomorrow between 9am and 1pm on the mobile number on the record. 






Hi @agostinho1,


We've seen that the assigned Case Manager has been in touch and talked to your wife about the installation updates. 


NBN Co advised us that the nbn field technician was unable to complete the installation as a Lateral Cable is required to run down the building to complete this job. 


Our case manager have raised the matter to NBN Co for an earlier remediation date and we're now awaiting updates from their end. Further updates will be provided once available. 


Thank you. 

Level 1c

Any news? The NBN facility manager has visited and said that it will not be possible to have any kind of internet in my home, is that true? ADSL? NOTHING? If true then I want my money back. I'm leaving in Australia, but my place has no internet connection, I can't believe it.