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NBN installation at a newly built house

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We are looking for a solution to our problem and I am hoping someone on this forum can assist.

My partner and I have recently moved into a newly built stand alone 2 storey townhouse and organised to have NBN installed through TPG to our new property back in June 2021. 


My partner was dealing with a specific person, with read receipts on all emails.  Back in June she said she had everything and would keep us updated.  Nothing.  In November, it was becoming urgent and he asked me to phone TPG to find out what was happening.  After many hours being put on and off hold, transferred to 8 different people and hung up on 3 times, I ended up with the installation team only to be spoken over, down to and clearly not listened to.  At one point I had to ask the man speaking with a raised voice to me to adjust his tone as it was completely inappropriate.  At the end of that phone call, I was informed that the person dealing with it couldn't find the address and that case matter had been closed in late June.  No notification to us.  On reflection, I am not sure how I ended up witht he installation team if the matter had been closed!


I was asked to contact the NBN for a location id.  NBN told me that TPG needed to do this.  Another phone call another couple of people.  We ended up deciding to start the process again.  So I re-commenced the process again in my name. The Sales person at TPG, said they had to contact the NBN to have our address added to the database. This happened. Then, my installation was in progress. Today I get a text out of the blue, saying that an NBN technican was on his way to install - no notice whatsoever. So I leave work and wait. When he arrives, he says he is there to fix at fault at the address not installation. I explained to him that the block had been sub-divided and the original house was connected to the NBN. My application is for the back house (different street). The NBN technican said the instructions came from TPG and I would need to call them. I called TPG and they were going to look into with it the NBN.  

2 hours later I received an email saying that my service was now active and gave instructions in how to connect to the NBN Ariss box (which I dont have because NBN havent installed it). I called TPG only to be placed on hold. I am constantly being hung upon; put on hold; informed that they will get back to me.

Then an hour later I get a text message saying I am connected but I don't seem to have connected my modem to the NBN box. 
TPG is registering our service as active and we have already paid for the first month of service in the initial setup process.

Another phone call and being told that I have to wait until it is resolved.  I have asked whether TPG will place my service on hold rather than active so I don't have to pay further for a service that I am not being provided only to be told I can't do that right now, I am speaking to you.  I really don't understand the surly way TPG's customer service team speak to me.  They were going to send that email after they got off the phone.  Nothing.

Today I get asked to complete a survey on my satisfaction regarding my phone call yesterday.

All I want is the NBN box sitting in the pre-existing house, re-connected to that house, so that family have their internet back and an NBN box installed in my home so I can connect my modem to it and start using the internet service that I have paid for.

We are growing quite tired of the constant chasing up we have had to do, only to have to explain the whole situation over and over again as the notes on our file are apparently non-existent despite the numerous phone calls and emails we have made.

We are looking for a solution to this problem and we do not understand why we are being charged for a service that is not active despite this whole situation being a problem because we are not connected and the information in TPG's system for our property is incorrect.

This post is my last attempt to find a resolution from TPG.  I will make a formal complaint to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. 

I would appreciate any suggestion of resolution, especially from anyone that has experienced this issue themselves as this appears to be a massive issue with subdivided properties and applying for NBN.


Hi @kimba5834,


We definitely would like to check what happened in this instance.


Installation can generally take 10 working days however, we still provide a standard timeframe of 2-30 working days. 


Let us have your Customer ID or TPG username via private message  so we can get to the bottom of this.