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NBN installation cancellation

Level 2

Considering you sent me 6 confirmation sms messages for our NBN installation booking, do you think you could have sent me just one more to inform me of your cancellation? 

I waited for 4hrs at home at the scheduled time, and you didn't contact me to tell me you were cancelling.

I accept the fact that it was raining and the technician can't work in the rain, I have no problem with that. but why didn't you message me as soon as you were informed by the tech of the cancellation?

This is my first experience with TPG NBN and I'm not impressed at all.


please respond.



Hi @rplimer 


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account using your community details and reviewed the case.

Our sincerest apologies if the NBN installation was not completed due to weather hazard.


We understand that you've been in touch with your NBN Provisioning team and a new schedule has been booked to install the service.


Further updates will be given by your case manager as soon as it becomes available.


Stay safe.