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NBN installer broke our tv antenna

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Level 1c
It has been disconnected since February. The tv cable was used instead of a new one or through paytv. We notified our electrician and he said he won't touch it because it's an nbn issue, hence why I am now following this up with you.
Can you please arrange a technician to come out and fix this asap please

Hi @mlot2612,


Since it's been Months since the service has been installed and we were late to be notified.


You need to contact NBN Co directly in order for them to check the issue and provide a technician that will fix it. You may contact them at You may send them the pictures of the connection that was taken out or disconnected along with your contact details.


Once they received your complaint, a case manager will contact you to discuss this further.


Should you require further assistance, please let us know.


Kind regards,


Level 2
Technician came today and fixed the antenna. I am happy with your customer service and helped me following up my complaint to NBN, it took them more than one month to fix it but it was not your fault, thank you again.

Hi @ferdinand46,

We're glad to know the issue has been resolved at the moment the service is connected for 6h 21m. Do not hesitate to create a thread here in our community for any queries or concern.