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NBN issues

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Hi all,


Is anyone else having NBN connection issues?

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I had an issue last time and lost my wifi connection, but it is fixed now.

You might want to visit their site, might be an outage.

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Thanks royce026

But I figured out my issue, a truck has come along and taken out the coax cable that comes to the house.

That's why I'm having NBN problems!!
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@Donald really?? Wow! That is so unlucky. I wonder if that truck took out other connections as well.

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I live in Camp Hill , Qld area still have no internet since Monday 13th, you are not alone 

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This is very frustrating. I was very happy with ADSL2+ for more than 5 yrs and was out of contract.
Now locked in for 18 months and every 15 days I had to call them and more than 5 technicians have visited already. Again on 28th November 2017 another one coming.
They don’t even have someone to take decisions over the phone. Every time you call they just read their apology spill and follow the same procedures.
As this will the new case for them and they do solve it. But again in 15-20 days the story repeats and new ticket they raise.
Request for cancellation and they charged me early termination fee. Where I had to withdraw the cancellation.
Have to go legally. Or the Ombudsman.
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Yes continual problem for over Weeks now internet dropping out from around 10am till 10pm daily support not able to help and have sent a “loan”modem which won’t make a difference. NBN technician came but was here while working so did nothing despite speed being 5 Mps instead of ultrafast 100 that I pay for , continually frustrated as speed when connection working is so slow it’s useless

Hi @mickmill,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I was able to pull up an account using your email address.

I've seen that this case is being handled by our Engineering team. I'll chase this up with them and have someone to call you within the day to check the connection using the loan modem.


Kind regards,


Hi @mickmill,


I understand that you were able to speak with one of our Tech team and was informed that our Engineers already escalated the case to the NBN Co. for further investigation as the service is still dropping out. They are waiting for the response from NBN Co. and once they received an update, they will contact you right away. Thank you for your patience.,

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Thank you