NBN new installation

Level 3
Please let me know when the HFC connection will be carried out at my residence.
I rang Tpg couple of times and they told me that Nbn will ring me in 48 hours. This was early last week and so far no one called me yet.
Please let me know what is happening. I also received email from tpg on 13 Oct telling me that the installation will be done in 30 days time.
So far no one contacted me regarding the installation.

Hi @Shankarr 


We have already responded to your other thread yesterday: https://community.tpg.com.au/t5/NBN-Installation/NBN-installation/m-p/40918#M4546


As discussed, we're already looking into this case to get your service installed. I hope you can bear with us. To avoid redundancy, it would be best for us to continue the discussion on the other thread.