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NBN not actually available at my address

Level 2
I signed up for TPG after putting in my address and it confirming that NBN was available at my property. Installation day comes and the technician says I need a phone line and will have to organise this myself. So, over $100 I have to spend, to be able to actually have NBN despite TPG confirming that it was available at my house. Seem fair? I contacted Telstra to see if they could install a phone line for me and they said it was a rip off and I shouldn’t have to connect it myself as TPG confirmed my service in the first place. If Telstra and my landlord say it’s not right, I’m not sure how to go forward..

Hi @Mikhuds94 


Welcome to the Community! 


NBN Installation has different Service Class types. Yours is under Service Class 12 which means that the status of the copper line is known and jumpering may be required at the Node. 


An installation technician is responsible on making sure that the first available phone socket is activated however, they also advise customers whether a new socket is required or if the phone socket is available to use. 


In your case, it should be the landlord's responsibility to ensure that a phone socket is ready to use. If it's not, then we require our customers to hire a private technician as it deals with the wiring which an install tech is not trained for. 


Please do inform us once the work is done so that the Case Manager can do a follow through with NBN to activate your service.