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NBN not setting up today 4/4/2020

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I switched from TPG ADSL to TPG NBN. I received a confirmation message from TPG today that the connection service was completed. I followed the instructions and started the router. I have no connection box and hence I connected the phone wall line to DSL port on the back of the router. Four lights are on (green) - power, DSL, 2.4G n 5G except the internet light. I can’t access to internet and watch TV as the old modem is now not working too. Please fix up ASAP. Sylvia Chong



I can see your NBN NTD is ( black box ARRIS) down. Can you see its powered? should be four lights on 


please here is there setup guide for your NBN

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Besides the power light, there are 3 lights on. The internet light is NOT on.
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Hmmm. Moderator is talking about "NBN NTD is ( black box ARRIS) " but you're saying there's nothing there. The Arris CM8200 connects by coaxial cable to a special outlet. The router connects to it using an ethernet cable.



I can see your NTD(NBN black box) still down 


NTD should be like this 




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I don’t have a black box. I only have a white modem AC1600. No technican came on Saturday to install anything. You stopped my broadband and the NBN is not installed properly. How can I access internet. If you can’t fix it today, I need to cancel my contract and switch to other providers as at least they can provide phone and technical support to the users. Otherwise, I will complain to your CEO.
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Hi, I don’t have a black box. I only have a white modem.
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You must be on FTTN; router plugs into wall socket.

Have to check that your TPG username and password are set in the router.

The article has the steps to check this.

How to set up your TP-Link VR1600v modem  in the section For NBN FTTN & NBN FTTB

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I don’t have internet access as this one is my work phone and very slow. Can you help me to configure to NBN FTTN
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The phone line is connected to the DSL port.

I entered the username and password but still can't connect


However when i went to check the pppoe_ptm_2_0_d interface. the status saids DSL disabled.