NBN technician no show

Level 2

We had a NBN technician booked to replace our black NBN box that died during an electrical storm. The appointment was booked for today, but they never showed.


I tried calling TPG again, however was told that the reason they did not show was because there was an outage in our area that was now resolved. 

This is unacceptable as the reason they are saying that they did not show does not relate to the reason I booked the appointment. Furthermore, TPG told me that they would reconnect me to their technicians to try and rebook the appointment, but when transferred it said they were closed and disconnected me.


I am going to lodge a ACCC claim as this is not acceptable and I have already been paying for internet that I have not received. 



Hi @6394765 


We'd like to check on the status of the case and see how can we help.


Just send us a private message with your account details.