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Need help configuring my huwaei HG532D router to nbn modem!

Level 2

Hi,my friend gifted me a router

now want to install it to my nbn modem 

but when i try to reset it my ip

i use lan port 1 to connect to my laptop by ethernet but funniest thing it doesnt detected my router 

and also use main port to connect nbn no adsl light or no internet light 

but my nbn network is totally fine ! and working and already checked! 

what to do?

Level 5

Hey, I found this.


It seems like the Huawei 532D is not compatible for NBN connection. IMO, you can use the supplied TPG-NBN modem/router as it is and use the Huawei as a standalone router, but you may have to change the Huawei's connection type to Automatically Receive IP or Router Only mode.