No Internet connection

Level 2
All lights are on except the Internet. Modem has been turned off and on again as well reset with no result. There is no nbn outage in my area Morley WA 6062. Have been on the phone trying to speak to a technician for over an hour without success. Please advise
Level 2
I am facing the same issues. No internet since after 4 pm. No internet light o modem. Tried calling TPG where automated message initially started saying "WA customers affected by an outage". No other info on the website. Also checked NBN website where there were no info about an outage. After nearly 55 minute wait time my call connected but TPG operator hung up on me.

Hi @Odonoghuej and @sivasane1 


There's an unplanned NBN network outage that affected some of our WA customers.


This has been resolved and the service should be back to normal.


If you are still not able to access the internet, please send us a private message with your account details for further checking.