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No internet or phone since NBN connected on 13/2/20

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We had the NBN connected on Thursday afternoon and received 2 emails from TPG confirming the connection, then a few minutes later we lost both the internet and the landline phone and today is the 5th day we've been without them. Trying to call the two service numbers on my mobile, I was either told there could be a 30-50 minute wait, or I just got repeated messages on how to change my password etc etc for nearly 30 minutes before I gave up. On the new modem four of the 5 first lights are lit, except for the Internet light. I've checked the connections and they seem to be as specified in the guides we were given. The last time our (old) internet connection went dow it wa for 4 days, and several months ago when builders next door severed the cable, we were without anything for three weeks while TPG and Telstra argued over who was responsible for fixing it. In the end , Telstra was, but being out of contact with everyone is going to cause problems in a few days.


@NoelM I'm sorry to read that your service is not working since the installation date. 


I'm not sure what your particular NBN service is, but I'm going to take a guess and provide you with NBN Fibre to the House, Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Building set up and troubleshooting steps.


The 2 articles on the links below contain the basic set up of the 3 NBN Technologies mentioned above


If the internet and phone is still not working after the set up above, you can try the troubleshooting steps on the links below:


Kind regards,

Joseph D