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No internet since 3 months

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I am Rusha , I am currently using tpg home bundle. I don’t have any internet service since 22/02/2018. My internet connection was slow since 20/01/2018 So, I called Tpg to fix my slow internet connection but while trying to fix the problem one of the TPG member slipped the wire from his hand and the wire went off the wall from 4th building that I am currently living in. I have been calling my case manage frequently to know about the updates but whenever I call him I always get the message from him that TPG is still waiting for the update from the relevant team. It’s already been more than 3 months and the problem hasn’t been solved. I am a student and it’s really upsetting and frustating for me to manage my study and work loads without internet connection.

Moreover, I have wasted more than 500 dollars on using pocket data and additional internet data to use the internet. I have been talking with my case manager frequently , basically TPG is just changing the technician. More than 3 technician have come to my unit look at the problem and said that it needs recabling. But at last moment when the technician submit the report to TPG they give the case to new technician, change the technician . Same process has been repeating since 2 months. TPG is deducting my monthly bill since 3 months but I have no service at all and my case is pending since 3 months. I am really frustrated and disappointed. Not sure, what I should do. I told my case manager to transfer the call to the head of TPG but he replied he is the best person to contact and there is noone above him whom I can make a complaint to. I told him I will go to the lawyer or consumer rights NSW he replied if it’s not fixed within week and the reply I got was thanks for giving time. I am not sure what I should do? I really need genuine suggestion so that my problem could be fixed soon.

Hi @Rushatimalsina,


Welcome to TPG Community!


Our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience.


I've used your Community details and was able to find a match. I've went ahead and checked the notes on your account and can see that this case is being handled by our Engineering team.


I understand that one of our Engineers has been in touch with you today and has requested for a technician to contact you to arrange for another visit.


This case has also now been raised in our dedicated complaint handling department; customer relations wherein a Complaints resolution case manager will be assigned as a sole point of contact and will be attempting to reach your contact information to discuss the concerns raised and work towards resolution.


They will be providing you feedback via email or phone call. Nevertheless, should you have a preferred contact time and number, please let us know via Private message and we'll forward this to the team.





Hi @Rushatimalsina,


I can see that one of our Complaints Resolution case manager has tried to get in touch but with no avail. An e-mail has also been sent to you in response to your complaint. 


If you have any other query regarding your complaint, please do not hesitate to contact your compliance officer directly via return email or please let us know your via PM your best contact time and number and I'll rearrange a call for you. 



Community Manager

Hi @Rushatimalsina,


Just wanted to update you on the progress of your case.


An engineer confirmed yesterday that access to the required areas of the building can be provided, as such, a technician contacted you yesterday and an appointment scheduled for Monday 4th June for further work to be completed.


In this particular case multiple technicians were required to attend the site due to the complexity of the fault and to assess the work involved. We thank you again for your patience and understanding in this situation.


A dedicated case officer from our complaints resolutions department is working on the case and will continue to work closely with the technicians and provide ongoing updates.  




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Hi, @Manuel

Yes, the technician contacted me yesterday and have fixed the date for recabling on monday. I have managed my schedule on that day, took leave from job. I really hope that my problem which is pending since 3 months would be solved and recabling would be done on that day. Thanks, for your concern.