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Received NCD and Router

Level 2


Any one able to guide before I call support. I've received my FTTC NCD and Rounter. I haven't had any further comms comms from TPG since Welcome email. 

Do I just connect the NCD as per instructions and it will work or wait for the service to be activated?



Level 3

Hi @hamidnbn

I just followed the instructions that came with the kit and plugged her in. I didn't get the solid blue lights but that is a whole other FTTC story (it's posted on this Forum).

If you get the solid blue lights then plug in the Modem and try to connect.

If you don't get solid blue lights then wait an hour or so before calling for support.


Good Luck

Regards, Leigh

Level 2
yes connected and everything worked fine.

Hi @hamidnbn,


Welcome to TPG Community!


I've located your account using your Community details.


I've also completed a line test which shows that your now connected to our network.


Please let us know should you need further assistance.