Relocate FTTC NCD

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Hi there,


I have just moved into a rental with FTTC and the NBN tech had to install the NCD in the bedroom as that is the only telephone port in the house. Am I able to use a 10m RJ11/RJ12 cable to relocate the NCD to a different room? The bright LED lights of both the NCD and modem are difficult to sleep with and the owners that we are renting from are not keen for us to have a tech install a new port elsewhere.



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Hi @grungler . You can do that. A 10m extension will only make the total cable length a bit longer. If you run the cable around the edge of the room, secure it with sticky tape or blutack. 


Hi @grungler


Ideally, the socket that currently connects to your phone or internet service will be located only a short distance from a power outlet.


The installer usually takes a closer look and assess on how the connection will be set up in the premise. 


You may try to use an extension or longer RJ12 however, please note that this may also affect the speed of the service.