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Remote activation required

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Hi TPG Provisioning Team,

NBN has installed the new lead in conduit last Friday (30/08/2019) and it seems to be working (I’m getting 4 lights litted on the black NBN box now and I'm able to connect to the wifi as well). In this case can TPG help to arrange for REMOTE NBN activation of the service at my property soonest possible? Attached is the NBN box serial number (9192PJ684601697) and HFC Mac ID (78 23 AE 9C 76 A5) as well. The NBN box and the TPG modem router has previously been installed by the first NBN technician (there has been 4 in total..) and it is all good to go.

I would like to request for a remote activation of my NBN service as I believe another NBN technician appointment to my property is not required as all the hardware and wiring has been installed and it is just waiting for the activation and it is ready to go, can this be done soonest possible? Should I leave both the black NBN Box and the TGP modem/router on for this to happen? I really need internet connection as I've got no internet connection close to 3 months since my first application date with TPG/NBN.

Thank you.


KC Chong

Castle Hill 2154, NSW


Hi @kienchung 


Thank you for the update.


We'll forward the information to our Provisioning team to request for a remote activation of your NBN service and a case manager will be in touch for further updates.