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Selecting nominated date when moving home.

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I just completed the moving home section in the My Account section on the TPG website and am surprised that at no time was I asked to provide a moving in date. Is it possible it will be connected before I move? I just received an email saying that


"your NBN bundle service will genereally be installed less than 10 business days after the nominated moving home start date."  ------ You haven't given me a way to provide you this information.... 


Why isn't there a section to provide this information when entering the other details in the moving home section under My Account on this website? I want to make sure the internet isn't connected before I have access to the property. 


Also it seems that it signs you up to a new 18 month contract why isn't the 18 month contract I'm currently on still in place? I'm not changing my plan just my address. 


H iwantanswers20


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