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Slow upload speed on FTTC (0.9 -1.0 mpbs)

Level 2

Hey guys. I have just had my FTTC connected a few days ago. The download speed is about what I expected and paid for. so no issues there. However, the upload speed is painfully slow and not at all what i expected it to be. to me it looks like it is being throttled, which, if this is the case, then that is very disappointing. I get ~12mbps down and never faster than 1.0mbps up. here is the link to the most recent speed test which i have conducted. this test was done via an ethernet cable to my PC. The NCD is connected to the first wall socket in the house, and no other devices are connected to any wall sockets in the house. I am using the ISP supplied modem/router. I have switched and switched back on again both the NCD and the modem/router several times to no success. Can someone please advise me on what speeds i should be getting and what i need to do in order to get those (presumably faster) speeds. thankyou.

Level 15

Hi @thisisjoshb .  If you are on NBN12 plan, this is about the upload speed you can expect. It may decrease during evening busy time.

My FTTC NBN25 plan has upload speed over 4Mbps. Download speeds always much faster than upload.

Level 2

I understand to expect slower speeds for upload. but this is absolutely crap. what a joke.


Hi @thisisjoshb 


The new NBN12 speed tier plan is configured with 1Mbps Upload speed only if you are indeed subscribed under this plan. 

This plan is ideal for 1-2 users and can be used for basic internet activities such as browsing and emails. 


If you require a higher upload speed, you may check out other plans that may suit your internet needs. 


Feel free to let us know should you require further assistance.