Slow upload speed on nbn

Level 2
I have a very slow upload speed of less than 0.2mps. I have logged a ticket on the My TPG app several times today - but no reply from TPG. So I am unable to send emails on wifi, play games online or upload any content.

Support from TPG is poor - I rang their support line and they are not taking calls. Rang several times at various times in the day - nothing.
Level 15

Hi @gDub . What type of NBN connection do you have? And what plan speed?

What model wifi router?

If it's a VR1600, can you check Advanced, Bandwidth Control. Is it enabled and is there a value for Upstream Bandwidth? (Other models will have similar function.)

Is your computer connected by ethernet or wifi? If wifi, what is the wifi connection speed?


Do this on your computer.

ping -n 20          (the local ip address of your router)

ping -n 20

tracert -d


Hi @gDub,


If you are still experiencing issues, kindly send your Customer ID or username via private message so we can check for any underlying connection issues.