Support phone line

Level 2
Level 2

Why is there nobody answering the support line for internet services. 

I have an issue with the nbn line which following your and nbn's advice I need to speak you to resolve the issue. How is it possible to get the issue resolved when I have been over hour waiting on the help line and still listening to the repeated nonsense and nobody answering the call

Level 7

Thee seem to be  a number of posts saying help line not answering. Surely TPG can't have assumed that no-one needs help over the holidays, especially with many severe thunderstorms. While fibre is impervious to lightning, the mains supply to all devices certainly is not. I've always found the call centre to be helpful, but I have not had to call them this holiday, so far...


Hi @Zem 


We've responded to your previous post here.


We'll be waiting for your PM for further assistance.