Suspect numbers

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I've been stuck bettween TPG nbn and NBNco. they pushed me to get nbn that's why i ordered nbn plan by tpg online
In Oct 2020. I got a modem.

And then I got problems with nbn
Because of my apartment. I couldn't install NBN with some reason.

So I've been waiting for 4 month with my old TPG ADAL until the nbn problem fix. Actually i am happy with waiting. I told tpg several times when they called me.

Now I had enough with tpg number (02 9850 0800) these lady's made me pissed off everytime. rude and never listen me that don't call me, (it was nothing changed the issue but they said its update.)
They called me one a week and tell me same thing again over again.
I blocked it. Because I guess its something wrong it could be scam.

Today, another number keep to call me and leave a message it said from NBN ???

I searched both numbers in google. Many people think it is scam.

Now I am really suspect this numbers i would like to confirm it.

What is numbers
1. 02 9850 0800
2. 02 9368 3253

Should I answer?
Can I please just get e mail?

Hi @Hayleyyang ,


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We're sad to know that you're having issues with the installation of the NBN service, we'd love to help see its progress. To better understand the situation, please shoot me a privatet message with your account details (Username/Customer ID together with the address on file). Also include your best contact number and preferred time and we'll have one our Provisioning Case Manager contact you for the updates.


How do I private message (PM) in the community 





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Can I please confirm that (02) 9850 0800 is a TPG number? This number keeps ringing me and hanging up when I answer.


Hi cumminsl01. We can confirm that this is our number. Is there any concern regarding this number that you would like to raise? Don't hesitate to send us a PM with your account details and a brief description of your concern should you need any help.

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I have recieved several phone calls from this number and the caller hangs up when I answer.


Hi @cumminsl01


Did you raise any issues with your service? 


The numbers that we use to call our customers is listed here.


If you need any assistance with your service, just shoot me a PM with your account details.



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I keep on getting this number (02 9850 0800)  several times a day trying to upsell me to fibre. 


Is it possible that scammers are spoofing it?


Their claims that it only cost $5 more does not match what is online. 


Can't say I trust it.



Hi @enalewis 


We're keen to look into it further and see if the offer is valid.


Please send us a private message with your account details.



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'Several  times a day' is completely unacceptable, unless you are failing to pick up in which case the caller -- or auto calling system -- is assuming a technical problem!

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Interesting. Just googled to see who just called me and yep it seems TPG support are calling me and then hanging up after 10 seconds or do without speaking. And yes, i was expecting a callback about 2 hours ago and this was it. Why wait to hear to you going "hello, hello?" then hang up? I heard rummaging around ...