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TPG Customer service the worst and staff makes promises that are woeful

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This is my second feedback comment on this portal . This is again to say  that TPG is a worst at resolving customer complaints . It and its been close to 45 days and STILL no NBN at my premesis inspite of being promised a conection within 10 days. TPG rescheduled the appointment and the tech never showed up . When i called TPG was told that we need to wait for NBN . Not Sure how long to wait . 


After my complaints i was given a customer relations case manager (UserID: 16902) who has made a lot of promises but issue is still not resolved and I'm not happy with the level of service that has been provided  and how my case is being dealt with. I clearly told the case manager assigned that i was charged a fee for the service which TPG hasnt provided and she promised that they refund will be out back to my account within 5 days and after 5 days when i havent received the money i called to check and was told that they put a credit on my account. The case manager changed their statement that  this was not what was discussed and reversed the story to what was told me initially and said it was a miscommuniation on my part. ( Great customer service here !!! in blaming the customer for hearing it wrong when . She told  me one thing and did the other )   


I have completely lost faith in TPG as a service provided and if i could offer a word of advice to someone who wants to sign up with TPG think twice . Coz all what TPG does is fail to live up to your expectations and give you unwanted headaches.


Hi @franc1sb


We take customer feedback very seriously and never like to see our customers receive poor customer support. We are committed to finding a resolution for our customers. 

Recent update on the account indicated that the assigned Complaints Resolution Case Manager has been coordinating with NBN Co in order to get a sooner appointment. Please be advised that we rely on NBN Co to provide the service therefore, we are subjected to their connection timeframe as well as scheduling.

We will inform the assigned officer regarding your concern on the account and to provide further updates on the installation. 

We apologise for the inconvenience.