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Unstable or no internet connection

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This is absolutely ridiculous I have had unstable internet connection for 3 weeks now and told no nbnco tech can attend until 7 June. I have a child in senior high school that relies on this connection. Today I have a total of 2 hours internet connection. No help or support from TPG but they certainly keep taking my monthly payment from my bank account. How can you charge for a service you are not providing, that’s illegal. I will be taking this up with consumer affairs and I will be finding another internet provider as I am NOT in a contract with TPG. I will never recommend TPG to anyone and will instruct people to steer clear from this provider

Hi @Mouseymoo70 


We apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you. 


We understand that the appointment provided was less than ideal however, please be advised that ISPs rely on NBN Co to provide NBN services and as a reseller, we are subjected to their connection timeframe as well as scheduling.

At the moment, 08/Jun/2021 is the soonest date NBN CO can provide due to the availability of technicians.


You may check with the assigned Engineer if a sooner date is available by responding to the SMS sent for direct assistance.