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Upgraded plan but no change on speed

Level 2
Hi there,
Customer ID: 5828217
I have upgraded my plan to super fast 200mbps. My account has shown ‘upgrade completed’ and money has been charged.
However, i tested the speed last 4 days and it was still under 100mbps.

Rebooted nbn device and modem. Tested wired and wireless connection. Tested through mobile phone, MacBook and desktop. All same result.

I believe the upgrade is still not finished yet. Pls help.
Level 2

seems that no one can help. 

Since I have waited for nearly a week but no help or reply from tpg both online and call back, I have to report it to TIO. 

sorry for the pain but this is the only way to resolve the problem. 


Hi @dhcgdhcg


I've managed to locate your account and it appears that the issue is now being investigated and monitored by our Engineering Team.


Your speed is already provisioned on the NBN Superfast plan. The Engineering team will check for any underlying connection issues that is service affecting. 


Please ensure to leave the modem connected and turned on for remote testing purposes. Further updates will be provided via phone call or SMS. 


We apologise for the inconvenience caused. 





Level 2


well it is 24 August, problem is still there. 


get a few calls from TPG. what they ask me to do is just speed test and test. boring


yesterday they sent me an email that asking me to do some tests coz they dont have any technicians available here. Fine. I followed their instructions, took me 60 mins to finish everything and uploaded all results. u think it is over? I got an email from tpg this morning 'thanks for ur reply, now we request u to do the test again.' 


TIO said they will step in if they dont fix the issue until 25 August. I will see what happen next.