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Urgent - No Green Light on Modem

Level 2

Hi, My TPG provided modem (TP-Link Vx420-G2V) has been connected as per the set up instructions - Yellow cord in both the WAN (blue) port and in the UNI-D1 ports - all lights are green except the internet light.


I have called and spoken to a rep about 4 times and each time they run the same diagnostics reports and i log into the router admin and change all the details to @TPG and still its the same issue. They have said It needs to be escalated to an engineer and that the engineer would be in touch - its now been 6 days and Ive not had anyone contact me about this issue. I use the internet for work and ive not had a working service since I moved in. You have taken my money but you have not provided me with a service.


Does anyone know who to speak to, to get the issue resolved. If its not resolved ASAP i will move providers.

Thanks in advance.




Hi @michmcavoy


Welcome to the Community!


We were able to locate your account and reviewed the escalated Engineering ticket.


This has been raised further and updates will be provided as soon as it becomes available.