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Use of "ppp echo" for "internet detection" on ASUS RT-AC68U router for NBN

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I have been recently experiencing frequent drop outs (eg. 2-5) daily for my NBN internet connectivity that last for 3-4 minutes before the connection is restored.   I notice my ASUS RT-AC68U router has "ppp echo" option  set for "Internet Detection" (see attached screenshot).  Can you advise if Internet Dection should be disabled or not ?


Are there recommended "PPP Echo Interval" and "PPP Echo Max Failure" values I should set besides the current defaults?   


For my  current issue, I'm seeing if the below new values helps:

PPP Echo Interval: 10

PPP Echo Max Failures: 40

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Hi @mikeylee . Regarding the dropouts, can you check the router's System Log, (Advanced Settings, System Log) for messages relating to WAN link.

Leave the 2 detection values at their default setting.

What type of NBN connection do you have?

When dropout occurs, any change to the lights on NBN box and Asus?

Do you do anything to recover or does it recover by itself? 


The internet detection values set how long the router waits to indicate WAN link failure. The large values chosen mean the link could go down and come up without router detecting it. You would notice a long response time in this case.

Too short might make router indicate WAN link down when it isn't. The default values are probably best overall.

You can use the System Log to see what the router does for different settings when you get these dropouts. With high values, does it detect the link down during a dropout? With low values, does it detect incorrectly?

You can also check if the WAN ip address changes.


Hi @mikeylee 


What troubleshooting have you tried so far?


Have you tried to factory reset your router?