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Video: Moving your Internet Service with TPG

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How to move home with your TPG service


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I did exactly this- but 3 weeks later still no internet. But I can’t get onto anyone from TPG for assistance! I’m so over trying to get this sorted 😩😩😩
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I'm in the same boat...
I've moved home, have a year 12 student who needs to internet, and had nothing from TPG, other than them charging me for the service they are not providing!
Normally, I have received some sort of update from TPG, it even says that they will contact regularly to keep updated.
I can't even get someone to talk to, so I can check that they are even trying to do it.
But, they are still charging me.
I have made a complaint to the TIO.
I've had enough.
Level 3
Has to be the worst service I've encountered so far.
Telstra are saying that the only trouble they are having is people not wanting the installer in their home, so the owner is canceling appointments.
I haven't even got an appointment, if I even need one!
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I appreciate that you put up a video here but can you please reply why there is no one available to chat or answer a call from TPG?

In this global pandemic everyone is affected and we can understand people are professionally handling situations either by reaching out customers via phone/text/chat.

TPG is not replying by any forms and keeping customers in limbo. I was lucky 3 days back to get someone on line after passionately waiting for 2 hours and case officer has assigned so called designated escalation senior manager to call me back in 24-48 hours. To be honest that 24+48 hours are long gone with no call/text/email.

Development charge has been deducted about 7-8 days ago and my home moving request with TPG is in lala land.

Wish to speak with responsible authority to get my case sorted out.

TPG please be responsible and customer service oriented. Work from home but work for customers.
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how to move your existing TPG NBN, FTTB or ADSL2+ services. Enter your new address to check which TPG product is available...

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We know there's a lot to organise when moving home and understand this can be a stressful