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Waiting forever for my connection

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I signed up with TPG on 17 December 2020. I live in the Inner West of Sydney and I didn't imagine the connection would take so long but it's been almost a month.

Why has it been so long to do something so simple in a central location?


I don't plan to have to pay my first month's bill if I haven't had internet access this whole time!


Hi @toastmonty


NBN Installation has different Service Class types. Yours is under Service Class 24 which means that the service can be activated remotely; meaning the equipment is already installed specially the NTD. 


You may check this guide on how to set up your connection:

I realised that you have been in touch with one of our Case Managers to check on the status of the installation. 


This will need to be raised to NBN CO directly to complete the order and activate the service. 


The Case Manager will be in touch for updates via phone call or SMS. 


We apologise for the inconvenience,