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Who will provide NCD? FTTC NBN new installation

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Hi, I just applied for NBN service, connection method is FTTC. Today, I received modem, AC1600. But on that installation guide, I need to connect NCD to phone line first.


Who will provide the NCD? The installation appointment will be next thursday.


Shall I connect phone line to the AC1600 directly? or I need to purchase the NCD first?


I must say that, if the NCD is compulsory, why do I need the AC1600? Most of customer already have routers.


Hi @conveyancing 


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We were able to locate your account using your community details and learned that your location was identified as NBN Service Class 32, which means that the NBN technician that was booked for you will be the one to bring and install the NCD for your service.


The TPG supplied modem/router is needed in order for our customers to use the bundled VoIP phone service.


You still have the option to use a third party router, but the VoIP phone will not work as the settings are embedded in the firmware of our modem/router.