about nbn hfc lead in

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Hi recently i had received letter about our place is getting ready for nbn hfc soon in jan. a few question i would like to ask, hope you can help me out, 1. he did have someone came awhile ago to set a box outside of our place. but it doesn't do any work on lead in inside our place. so does that mean there will be still work to be done? 2. does NBN doing those lead in or tpg going to do it? 3. NFC mean using cable lead in and using a cable modem? thanks

Hi @keigoleung, we can see that NBN is progressively being rolled out in your area and initial checks suggest that your address will be NBN ready on 18 of January 2018.


We source all of our data for upcoming NBN releases directly from NBNCo. We acknowledge that these dates are subject to change and unfortunately often do. We have seen in the past where a scheduled release date is changed and then takes a period of time before release data is updated to service providers such as ourselves.


Nonetheless, we will surely advise you once the TPG NBN service becomes available.


NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) is a network technology that allows access to fast broadband services using a combination of fibre and coaxial cable to connect your home to the NBN network.

With regard to what equipment will be used and its setup, this community article will help you in the future:


NBN HFC Setup - General Setup




Let us know should you have further queries. Thank you.