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Despite their experience with thousands of such cases, the people who answer emails at TPG seem incapable or unwilling, to tell me if a change NEEDS to be made INSIDE an appartment to receive NBN (TPG's FTTB). I KNOW the VOIP phone will have to be sourced from the modem, so I am only concerned about the NEED for change INSIDE the appartment to receive internet - or can one just plug the new modem into the old wall socket ?


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We've created an article that will give you an idea in regards to the setup of our TPG FTTB service.

Refer to TPG Fibre To The Building (TPG FTTB) Setup Guide.


If you'll upgrade or change your plan to the TPG FTTB service, a technician might need to visit your site to assess if there's anything that they need to change or if they just need to jumper your service.