tplink vx420-g2h

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This new modem was installed (replacing my previous fttn moden), and since then, my LAN linux machine cannot connect to my win11 boxes.

all boxes can ping outside, but linux samba fails and ssh fails to see my other internal machines.

Can anyone point me to likely problem ?

Because my previous fttn modem worked properly, I assume it's a setting on the new modem which is causing the problem.

What info/config info should I screenshot ?


Hi @willem


What was your previous modem/router for the NBN FTTN service?

Do you remember if you changed anything or any configuration you've changed on the old modem/router for it to work with your Linux machine?



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Hi @willem . How are your computers connected? All ethernet, or all wifi, or mix?

If all wifi, can you check if AP Isolation is disabled in wifi settings.

If a mix, how does the Linux computer address the Win11 computers?

By hosts file containing host names and ip addresses?

Have you set up ip address reservations in new router?


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Hi david64 


1 win10 via eth

1 win11 via wifi

1 linux via eth


AP Isolation is disabled !


linux is referring to hostname == internal ip addr

yes ip range is - 199

IGMP Snooping: Enabled
DHCP: Enabled
no primary dns
no 2nd dns
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from linux,

ping to win11 wifi ip addr works

ssh to same ipaddr times out

mount also fails with errorcode "could not resolve address" (all defined is /etc/fstab)

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@willem . I can't see the difference between ping and ssh commands unless there's something odd in the router.


Do these commands on linux to the ipaddress of the win11 computer.


ping ipaddress

traceroute ipaddress

telnet ipaddress 22          (a tcp session should be created to win11. Win11 should show a session to linux.)

telnet ipaddress portnr      (portnr is the port number used in win11 for remote mount)

                                        (a tcp session should be created to win11. Win11 should show a session to linux.)

Check that the two ports are open on win11. 

The commands should work from win11 to linux. Find an open port on linux for win11 to telnet to.


Your computers should have reserved ip addresses at least.

You could assign names to them and put the names in a hosts file.

Are you familiar with packet capture software, eg. Wireshark? Run it on linux and win11.

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ping works fine

traceroute give 30 hops with " * * * " only

telnet to win11 ip (port 22) timed-out


tracert from win11 to linux - fine

ssh from win11 to linux  - permission denied


wireshark not installed on either platform yet.

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The TG789vac v2


The new one was setup by the iinet tech so it connects to the internet. they will not help with network issues