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Good morning sir. Before yesterday wrongly I press terminated my aim. Sorry for that. Sir I want again active my sim thanks. Sim number 88362132

Link to post: (How to activate your TPG Mobile SIM card)
by Manuel

Are you a new TPG customer ready to activate your new TPG SIM? Or are you an existing TPG Mobile customer ready to activate a replacement SIM card?   Check out this video to activate your SIM, or read on for detailed instructions.    IMPORTANT NOTES:     a. If you've chosen to receive a new number: Your activation will take up to 12 hours (including weekends)     b. If you're transferring your number to TPG: You will receive an authorisation code via SMS on your old SIM card that you must reply to.         Your activation will then take up to 24 hours (excluding weekends).         Please continue using your old SIM card until it stops working (which means that activation is complete)     1. First, log in to TPG My Account at         Tip: You'll need to log in with your 7 digit Customer ID number. Check your service confirmation emails from TPG. If you've forgotten your password, check out    2. Click on “View All Mobile Service Accounts”        3. Click on “SIM Activation”           4. Read the important SIM Activation information then click "Activate SIM Now"  IMPORTANT: Please keep your current SIM in your phone while activation is ongoing (after clicking on Activate SIM Now). You will be receiving an authorization code via SMS that you will need to respond to. This code ma take from a few minutes to 2 hrs from when you started the activation.        For more information and FAQs about the SIM activation click here.    

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Hi @Mostak00 


Welcome to the Community!


We're not able to locate your account using the number that you've provided. Are you a TPG AU or a TPG SG customer?


If you are a TPG SG customer, you can send an email to Singapore Mobile Team at or visit their Facebook Page at for assistance with your concern.


If you are a TPG AU customer, please send me a PM with your mobile number or customer ID number to assist you accordingly.


How do I private message (PM) in the community