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Accessing Voicemail Overseas

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I have tried calling the specified number  (+61414121121)  to access my voicemail while overseas, but I am getting a voiceover saying the number can't be accessed right now and to try calling back later. Does anyone know why this is?


Hi @emmaboogaerdt


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I've searched for your account using your Community details and was able to find a match. 


We’d like to get to the bottom of this and gather details for us to fix this issue. 


Are you accessing your voicemail using your TPG mobile?


Hi @emmaboogaerdt


We'd like to make a follow up regarding the case that you've raised to us. 


Please let us know if you're accessing your voicemail using your TPG Mobile. 



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I'm having the same problem, working 20 days ago in the US and then stopped working. I'm talking with TPG support and problem is still not resolved.

  1. I'm not using my TPG mobile whilst overseas.
  2. TPG support want to reset my voicemail, this will delete all voicemails

This is a draconian solution that does not fix the problem, it could happen again. It’s the same as Outlook not receiving mail but sending it and to be told reformatting the hard disc will fix it. And by the way you need to reinstall the software.

I've looked at my TPG account and I can see voicemail forward to my voicemail box so that part works.

How did you fix the previous (@emmaboogaerdt) reporting of this problem?





Hi @iannazzo47,


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We recommend having a read of this community article, which may help you with this concern:


How To Set up Voicemail and Visual Voicemail for TPG Mobile


Feel free to message us should you need assistance. Thank you.



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Hi Riezl

Thank you for your response but I’m not sure you have understood the concern/issue. I have been using voicemail with TPG for more than 8 years without a problem through its many iterations. And was working fine on 19th Nov, when I travelled overseas. In fact, it continued to work without issue for 3 days after I left Australia, but it then failed.

In order to retrieve voice mail from anywhere in the world or another phone you dial 0414 121 121 at the prompt enter your mobile number then enter your pin. This worked early this year and for three days whilst overseas upto Nov 22nd then for some unknown reason it just stopped. Now when I enter my mobile number the response, I get is you cannot retrieve your voicemail by this number. Sometimes I’m even prompted to contact Customer Service on 15555; this is Vodaphone!

There is something seriouly wrong with the system for this to occur.

Whilst your response is appreciated the issue is not setting up voicemail.

I have been in contact with TPG support now for over 1 week and still no resolution other than one support person suggesting I needed to enable roaming which makes no sense as it has worked for years without it. The other suggestion which I think would work is to delete/reset my voicemail and I start again but all contents of the voicemail box are lost, I would like to avoid this if possible. The other issue is it does not fix the problem as no one has identified what caused it in the first place and there’s no reason it will not happen again.

My orginal question to the Community is, how did you fix the previous (@emmaboogaerdt  September 2018) reporting of this problem?.

Many thanks

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I have the same problem.

I am overseas now. I have diverted all calls to voicemail and the diversions work.


I tried calling +61 414 121 121 and then followed the prompt to enter my mobile number but it says "the number you called can't be accessed through this number". It doesn't ask me for my pin (I wasn't asked to set up a pin when I spoke with cust service agent). Now I have pending voicemails that I can't access. Customer service says I have to use my TPG sim to call 121 and access it, which is ridiculous coz I will incur $1 per minute charges.


Why can't I access my voicemail box using the 0414 number? Is it because of Pin? If a pin needs to be setup, then why not allow me to do it on the online portal? I can't even use tpg 4G voice app on my android to change any settings.


Seeing how other people faced this issue 2 years back, I believe TPG still hasn't fixed it. Can you guys get this sorted!

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I'm having the same problem, are you saying TPG can't sort it?


Hi @PAC789,


Welcome to the community!

Do you receive any error message when retrieving the voicemail? 


For retrieving the Voicemail overseas, you need to dial "+61414121121".


Afterward, you need to:


  • Press ‘*’
  • Enter your mobile number starting with '04'
  • Press ‘#’
  • Enter your voicemail security code
  • Press ‘#’

If it's still not working, please let us know.






I'm having the same problem, are you saying TPG can't sort it?

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Hi Shane, 

Thanks for getting back to us but the message is still saying that the number can't be accessed.