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Activated international roaming but not working in Hong Kong. How do I fix it?

Level 1b

Activated international roaming last night but it's not working (No Service) in Hong Kong.

I've tried

*restarting my iphone multiple times

*automatic and manual select of available networks

*turn off and on mobile data

*reset network setting

How do I fix it please?  I need to use it urgently.


Hi @0412792368


The easiest and most cost effective way to contact us while on International Roaming is to visit our website


Prior to going overseas, the very first thing that you need to ensure is that your international roaming is already acitvated. Here's how:

How to activate International Roaming


In the event that your roaming service does not work, I would recommend following the troubleshooting steps from these articles: International roaming troubleshooting guide and TPG Mobile Support

Our standard Customer Care number is not available from overseas. If you need to contact us by phone, please call us on +61 13 14 23 for assistance. This call will be charged at the normal international rate from that country's service provider to Australia.



Thank you!