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After upgraded to the new My Account portal for TPG Mobile service, there is no detailed used Talk & Text quota

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How are you?

There are two issues after my mobiel being upgraded to the new My Account portal.

1. There is no used Talk & Text quota shown in the portal especially for those quota that can be used for calls outside TPG networks. This is important so we don't use more than the quota and get charged. Pleae see the attached photo for details. It has remaing money for both quota of TPG network and non TPG network and doesn't show those for non TPG network only. tpg mobile usage.jpg

2. The username password used to login to new My Account portal can't login to the new TPG mobile app.



Please advise. 


Hi @MobileKing


Here are other alternatives in checking your mobile usage: 


Should you require further assistance, let us have your Customer ID or TPG mobile number via private message so we can have our Mobile Support Team to contact and assist you.