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I have noticed there is a new CSRMODE when you switch over to the new sim only mobile phone plans, and when you swich over , your old mobile phone account information is removed and placed in this new CSRMODE area.


Q1/ what is CSRMODE?


Q2/ can we still use the old TPG App to log our data use or do we have to go to the new app?


New Dashboard  CSRMODENew Dashboard CSRMODELink to new dashboardLink to new dashboard



Hi @Richie3971


Thanks for raising this with us.


Where did you see the CSRMODE? Is it in the new app or in the My account?


For mobile data usage, the old TPG app will not provide the information that you are looking for. We advise customers to use the TPG My account as the new app is still in works in order to work with our TPG Mobile SIM plan.