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Esim activation issue

Level 2



I followed the instructions and scanned the QR code to activate e-sim. The secondary number provided by TPG was working but not my primary number. My TPG account showed my sim was active. My phone showed SOS only. I called customer support who told me to reset my network settings and take out my old sim and then restart phone. After this my phone has no e-sim or any mobile option. He told me that I won't be able ro make any phone calls for another 1-2 days until I get a new QR code because he said I did it wrong. This is unacceptable. I told me to fill in a form about identity check and wait for someone to contact me. I need help urgently I need to make phone calls for work. This is ridiculous 


Hey @Shawkatarab, we want to get your new eSIM up and running ASAP.


Send me a PM and we'll chat some more.