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Feeling really frustrated

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Hi there,

hoping someone can help here please.

I have been a happy TPG customer for 3 years with my home internet, I recently joined with my mobile phone on a sim only, no contract plan, first 6 months for free.

On calling I discussed with the person that I previously had 4gig with virgin (for 4 years) and occasionally had to add on one gig of data so we decided the 10 gig plan would be sufficient. I also asked if I can move up a plan if I need and was told I could.

So this is now the third month and two of those months I have gone over my 10 gig and been data barred, how this is possible I don't know, I do all the same browsing and same amount of work, my habits have not changed at all.  So last friday I knew I was getting close to the end of it so rang up to add a gig but was told it would automatically happen when I run out. 
I asked about going up a plan as the 10 gig was not working for me, I was told that the half price for 6 months would not be valid any more and that I would also have to pay a further $11 to change plans, I was not happy with this but had one more busy week of work to get through so thought, yep just let the extra gig get added on and I'll shop around for a new provider.

So today, Monday, my data would not work at all, I use my phone as a hot spot to upload images for my work, I could not load any jobs, I could not load the web page to fix this, It kept saying incorrect password so I had a password reset, even with triple checking this it sill would not let me in. so I phoned up.


I was passed around from department to department for 53 minutes, apparently no one in the "higher up " department was free to take my call and it would take 2 -3 days for someone to call me back.  I was told all I could do was pay for extra data, I was told I had 420 megabytes still left and I had to use them up to get the new gig but I also had a text saying my data has been barred and I could not load any pages, they kept insisting that there was no bar and would not listen to me saying exactly what the text said and that I could not load any pages. 
there was no help, no one to just fix it, no one could unless I spent another half hour on the phone, they said they could do another reset which would take 30 minutes, I explained I had to pick up kids from school and could not sit there any longer, I said I was happy for a call back and to do it after 4pm but I was told no one could do it then! 

I lost 2 hours total work which was 40 minutes away from home so not only do I have to get up early and return to the area to finish my work, (40 mins away so 80 min return), pay fuel, I also have to explain to my bosses that I did not do the work on time, but also at this stage I don't even know if I will have data tomorrow as it is sill not there now!!!
so what do I do? do I get up early to go 40 minutes away to find I cannot do the work still? do I not go to work and spend another hour on the phone to people who cannot help me?

I am quite ropable at the moment, I am anxious and am going to get in trouble with work.  I said that the least they could do was goodwill and put a credit on my account to which they flat out refused and said it would never happen.  I asked if I could please find out if my home internet was still in contract as I will be looking around and I was told they could not tell me this? this is withholding information, I was told if I wanted to wait again for a new department they could help me there, after one hour I'm sure you can understand I could not do that any more as battery was running out, I had to pick up kids and I was very frustrated.  I told them on the phone I will be shopping around for a new provider and be contacting the ombudsman, but I thought I'd give it one more chance here. 


I really need to work tomorrow as I am 2 hours behind, please can someone help me fix this issue.


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And still no data, I should be out working, this is not costing me big money and issues with my boss, on the phone to tpg now lets see how long this takes. NOT good enough tpg

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Cost me another $10 I have one gig added, I had a good phone person today I don't know why she was able to fix it and no others were, I will still be changing companies as if I go on a higher plan I wont get my 6 months half price any more, it will cost me more than double and it wil also cost me to change, big expensive lesson learnt trying to save money

not good enough, thanks for your not reply


@Needmydata I'm sorry to read the inconvinience you have encountered, I am glad that someone was able to assist you in adding data.


As I understand from your post, you are currently signed up with our mobile T4G Medium Plan which includes 10GB Data, Unlimited Talk & Text to standard AU Numbers & 100 International Minutes. The normal price for this plan is $29.99, with the promo you currently pay $15 per month for the first 6 months. Should you upgrade or downgrade within the promo period, the plan prices will revert back to normal (


If you exceed your plan's allocated data, you can request to be charged $10 out of your Prepaid Balance to increase the amount of Included Data available in that particular billing cycle by 1GB. This is what has currently occured.


Aside from the $29.99 plan that you have signed up for, we also have:


  • $34.99 that includes 15 GB data, Unlimited Talk & Text to standard AU Numbers & 100 International Minutes
  • $39.99 that includes $20 GB data, Unlimited Talk & Text to standard AU Numbers & 100 International Minutes

You can check your usage through by logging into "Your Account"


For tips to track and minimise the data usage please visit



We will review your recent contacts with us so we can further improve our service.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Kind regards,

Joseph D

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After the gig got added today, I made sure all apps were closed, the only one that was open was my work app which over the last many years of doing the job and in line with all the other workers who do the same job, 1 gig easily lasts a week of doing the job, my 1 gig today ran out 3 hours into my job, I got barred again.  There is seriously something wrong with how you guys are charging data, I've checked at the samsung hub and my phone is not draining any data from anywhere.

so yet again, I had to stop work again, I lost another afternoon.

I've now bought a pre pay voucher from Telstra and will use that for work the next 3 days while I try to make up for lost hours. 

Next week I will be porting my number out when I have finished my work run for the month and can think.  

I have been in touch already with the ombudsman for some closure.


Hi @Needmydata,

We regret to hear that you had to raise this issue externally.


I have requested for our Mobile Team to contact you tomorrow to investigate your mobile data usage. Please expect the call between 10AM-11AM SA.


In addition, I have escalated your concern to our dedicated complaint handling department; customer relations. As part of our complaints process, a Complaints resolution case manager will be assigned as a sole point of contact and will be attempting to reach you on your contact information to discuss the concerns raised and work towards resolution.



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I have my Telstra sim card in now as I have to work and I need data for work.

I will have my break at 10am SA time and change the sim card, I can keep it in until 1040 and then I have to change it back to Telstra so I can work. I cannot wait longer as I have already lost so much time this week at work due to these issues, other option if they want to call after 3:30pm I will have my TPG sim in until 8am on Thursday.

So I will hope they call inbetween 10 and 1040 if not, them or any other department can only contact me after 330pm today, thursday or Friday as I have to work in the day time.

or feel free to message me and I will happly pass on my Telstra number.

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I think what bothers me most is the threats of how it will cost me this and that to move contracts or cancel my "no lock in contract"

when your website says this "

TPG No lock in contract
Get up to 50% off on monthly fee for the first 6 months on selected mobile plans! Offer may be withdrawn at any time. TPG Mobile plans are delivered using 4G technology, on a network which now covers 22 million people in Australia. ... Change your mobile plan without any change fee or contract restart."
and in another spot says this, "

Change your mobile plan without any change fee or contract restart. Start on our cheapest mobile plan and move up and down as you need it."

And I was going to lose the 6 months half price when changing plans it should have been made clear to me that it is different to what the website says that, no you cannot change plans without any change fee or contract restart.  It is false advertising and considering I spoke in length about not being sure if I should do the 10 gig or the next one up, as I previously said, I only had 4 gig with previous company for many years and rarely ever, (usually on holiday) had to add a 1 gig data pack so they assured me that 10 gig would be sufficient.


so therefore it has ended up costing me a lot more than you advertise.  for me to go up one plan and pay full price that is dearer than Telstra!! can you believe it? I though Telstra was the most expensive but they have offered me $30 for 20 gig, at this stage I've only grabbed a temporary sim card as I'm still open to who I change to.  I also still have my home nbn with you guys and am happy with that.  Its just the mobile data team and support that has made me really disgruntled.

I'm likely to change to Boost $30 for 35 gig which you simply cannot match but you're welcome to try.


We'll advise our Mobile Team about your availability and we'll also forward your message so they can further discuss your options, @Needmydata.


Should you wish to provide us your Telstra mobile number, you can send us a private message.


To send a private message, you may refer to this link: How do I private message (PM) in the community - TPG Community

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Well another let down, I extended my lunch break to skip my afternoon break to give you a chance.  I waited until 10:55 am and then had to work, the call back was at 11:25 which as stated I had Telstra back in and was working.  Happy to take a call after 3:30 pm today Thursday or Friday.  Last chance, Monday I'll be ringing Boost.