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Increase to monthly payment a week after agreeing to a 6 month contract

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On 5th June i spoke with one of your agents after requesting a new router/modem. They advised I wouldnt have to pay for device but would just need to pay postage if i agreed to signing up to a 6 month contract. I made it clear i would do this if the cost would stay the same - the operator confirmed that it would and therefore i agreed to the contract.


Today (12th June) I got an email saying my monthly rate was going up by $15 a month. There is absolutely no way you can tell me the person i spoke to a week ago didnt know the cost was going to go up less that a week later. I feel that this is deceptive. behaviour by TPG as I would never have agreed to a contract if the rate would have gone up.


I expect someone to contact me asap to confirm that either TPG will honour my current monthly rate or that i can cancel the contract at no extra cost. Please email me the response.


Hi @4829365


We understand an increase in cost is not ideal and has come as a bit of a shock. The reason we've had to make this change is because we continue investing in our network, products and services and our cost of doing business has also been going up. Unfortunately, we can no longer absorb these increasing costs and have made the difficult decision to increase our prices. 


We've given impacted customers a minimum of 45 days notice of this change. We've done this because we must be upfront with our customers and give everyone time to assess how they'd like to proceed next. Comparative to similar speeds on TPG NBN100 with the price rise you will still be saving $15 per month.


As per your call with our Billing Specialist, we can agree that on the time of your modem replacement request, the FTTB price rise is yet to be announced. Thus, you were informed that the plan pricing will not be changed and it is only the recontract and shipping fee that will be applied. 


If you will choose to cancel, we'll have an account specialist to contact you for assistance or you can reach them at 1300 011 146 on your most convenient time. 





Hi @4829365, please send us a PM with your TPG username or customer ID and let's have a look at your account. Thanks!