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Feeling really frustrated


Hi @Needmydata,


My apologies that they were not able to contact you at the requested time in the morning. I can see, however, that they were able to reach you earlier at around 3:30PM SA.


You were advised by the Mobile Specialist that usages were valid, but will have it raised for further assessment.


In addition, a Complaints Resolution Case Manager has already been assigned to you. She will be your contact person for this case. Updates will be provided to you via email or phone call.


For other concerns, feel free to leave a comment so we can look into it.



Level 1c

Yes spoke to someone who was lovely and polite at 3:30, she offered the $10 back for the extra gig I got which I'm happy with.

She says the site said I used the whole gig in 12 minutes yesterday, now that in itself should tell you something is wrong.


From my end, the job I do, I did a full day today minus the hour I waited for the phone call this morning from you. I used 300 mb.  as said previously in the years i've done the job, 4 gig has lasted the whole month for me doing the work. Including using facebook and emails, I don't use many other apps at all but always turn them off when not using them.  The other workers, I've been in touch with, they use 300-400 a day as well.

I've had samsung check that no apps are chewing up data, apple check my ipad the same so it all comes back to TPG clearly charging incorrectly.   just posting it here so maybe it can be fixed or looked at so others don't get caught out like I did.


Hi @Needmydata,


Thanks for the additional details. We will pass this to the assigned Complaint Resolution Case Manager handling this case. Further updates will be provided when is available.




Level 1d

wow, this is really interesting to read.; Thank u @Needmydata, as i always believed that tpg itemised billing shld be 100% correct but after reading yr case now i really have some doubts. Moderator can you please keep us posted the result at the end of this investigation?





Level 1c

After emailing all of the correct information and facts about testing etc that I had done, and that I was not downloading anything, I was just uploading 15-25 images on an app, I still got an email asking me what I was downloading and telling me that I was using the data so they were not even reading my emails properly, it was just wasting so much time of mine.

Fact is, in 12 minutes at work I use 1gig with TPG and way more than 10 gig before the month is up.

doing the same work with Virgin for over 4 years I never went over 4gig

doing the same work with Boost and Telstra I can do a whole day of work and only use maximum 200 mb


they refuse to believe it is something wrong at their end, I've now changed companies as I need to do my work and cannot have the data keep barring me when it runs out magically.


I had to go through the ombudsman as the website clearly states no lock in contracts all over it but they wanted to charge me $11 to get out of the contract, they've said they will honour that, I'm yet to see the money plus I was already with Boost in May and still charged for June with them and I was told I'd get the $10 data pack reimbursed which has not been so am currently following up.


Hi @Needmydata, we have also made a follow up with our Complaints Resolution Team and the case manager will provide further updates via email regarding the matter.


Should you have further queries, you may contact the case manager directly via return mail. Thank you.